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Ooo, it's pretty!

So I have no life. Oh, except on Tuesday I got an electrical shock from my computer. I think it's trying to kill me. I bet it's been planning my demise and down fall for years. Years I tell you. All the evidence points to that one fact that it wants to kill me! First it catches fire while I was typing on it. Then on Tuesday I unplugged it and it tried to electrocute me. Ok, it is'nt trying to kill me, but that's not the point. On Wednesday I found that my computer adapter has a defect in it. The defect can do one of two things... 1.) The de-faulty adapter can cause a fire or 2.) It can cause give a person an electric shock. Sweet, no? So, I just happened to be lucky enough to get both. So, now I have a better adapter. Yay for me.

Oooo, Yoda I just finished The Lovely Bones Today. It was such a good book. It was'nt what I expected it to be. It was so much better.

Ok, so now I'm at my grandmothers and I'm suppose to be working. Writting is so much more fun. Dude I have noting else to say.

Words of advice: go bust a nut.
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