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Not again.

I just left a post on Yodas journal and now Im writting again. I have to tell you this whole conversation I had with Currie on Sunday. Ok, he came over to my dads to show me his new car. I didn't even think he remebered where my dads is. So he took me too this place called The Kettle and we ate and talked. Jokeingly I said now that your rich you can buy me a new 2005 car and a bed. He said (seriously) that if he hadnt gotten his new car and spent almost 5 grand (in nearly two weeks)of his new found money he would have. I stared at him so dumb founded. He asked what. I said you buy anything for anyone else except for your self... That would be a miricle. I could tell waht I said got him mad, but I didnt care. After that we tried to talk of other things. I found that when I talk to him I hide a lot of what I do. Or I give out really short answers. Or I just play with his head. He told me how he was upset over Chris and Jenn moving. I told him I was upset that Todd was moing. He asked who Todd was and the only thing I said was Someone. I had told him that I went to new york on a business trip. Later I slipped and he over heard me tell someone how new york was a blast. He said I thought you went to new york on a business trip. I said Oh, is that what I told you? Then turned around and kept talking. I love keeping things from him. It pisses him off. How how his pain makes me happy. He asked me if I have been with any other guys. All I said was maybe. He said that means I hvent been with anyone. I said if thats what you want to believe then be my guessed. I get to go back to work.
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