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La Bamba!

So, today is my cousin Melissa's birthday. She's having it at a place called La Bamba. It is literally two houses and around the corner from my grandmothers. Unfortunately not all my family will be there. A small list of the family that wont be there. My Aunt Susan, Aunt Janet, cousin Quistopher <-(Christopher)don't ask, cousin Jr, cousin Kiki, cousin Kevin, cousin Megan, cousin Melody, Uncle James, Uncle Abnor, Uncle Steve, Anut Flou, Aunt Peana, cousin Brandon, Uncle Pudgy (don't ask), Aunt Michell, Pops <- my grand father, and my Uncle Ryan. I'm sure I left someone out. I almost left my Uncle Ryan out. The ones that will be there are my brother David, my sister in law Maggie, cousin Chandra, <- husband Sal, Melissa, cousin Nichole, cousin Mike, Aunt Kricket <- don't ask, Uncle Dave, Thelma, and others. I just realized writing down my entire family that is here in the US would take for ever.

Ok, that was boring. I really have nothing to do. The party starts at 8, but my family is famous for being late. When they say 8 at night they really mean noon the next day. Kinda like Yoda's family but a lot worst. I'm going to go have a smoke. Damnit, There is some many people at the mini mart that I want to go and but smokes from. Less than a half hour till the big party. Yay! I need a smoke so badly. Im going to see if there is anyone at the mini mart at 7:50. I also need to pee and I might even need to go poop, but I'm not sure on the pooping part. Not that you needed to hear that.

I'm doing nothing. I want to fish for bunnies. I need entertaining. I'm getting hyper, but I'
m trying to control it. I need a life. La la la la la la la la. I just tried to call Yoda's house, but Milly is on the phone with her family in Lima. I tried Andy but she is at work. Kim is in school. I even called Currie out of desperation, but he's having dinner with his family. I have no other people to call to talk too. Wow, I need a life.

I'm sitting in a room all by my self doing nothing. It's 7:51 but I'm not geting smokes because I cant talk to anyone while I smoke. I hate siting out side smoking in the dark while not talking to anyone. I know I'm weird, but I always think it's fun to smoke with someoneo or while on the phone.

It's now 7:54. Less than 10 min till the party, and I still have to pee. My father just entered the room. It's now 7:55. I so need a life. I can't wait till I move near Simi. I might have a better life by then.
It's now 7:57. Shoot me. I'm going to go now. It's time for the party.
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