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See Boppo? Look what you have done!

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<img src="" border="0" alt=""it's a small world""><br>"it's a small world": The happiest cruise<br>that ever sailed! Surreal and silly, or sweat<br>and touching, you are a well intentioned 1960s<br>homage to the world's diversity that<br>unfortunatly inspires feelings of sheer terror<br>in those who can't help but feel something more<br>sinister lays beneath your shiney surface. But<br>most cannot deny your charm, even if they<br>cannot explain it, and leave feeling better<br>than when they entered. Most overlook the fact<br>that because of your unique style and design,<br>courtesy of Disney Legend Mary Blair, you are a<br>true work of art and you deserve to be<br>appreciated. You are both worldy and<br>simplistic, both cosmopolitan and decidedly<br>middle American. You are a splendid<br>candy-coated contradiction with a sugary, sunny<br>song that one never forgets. If the world<br>truely listened to your never-ending optimism,<br>it could be a small world after all.
<br><br><a href=""> <font size="-1">What Disneyland attraction are you?</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="">Quizilla</a></font>
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