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im_a_bit_lost's Journal

abercrombie and fitch, adventure, animals, anime, art, banana republic, beauty, being gay, being loved, being me, being myself, black and white photography, blue, books, bubble paper, buffy the vampire slayer, cameras, camra phones, cartoons, cats, chillin, chinese food, chocolate, choosing, classic films, comic books, computers, cooking, count duckula, cowboy bebop, cracking jokes, cuddling, day time, daydreaming, days off, dogs, donnie darko, dreaming, dreams, driving, dvds, elijah wood, equal rights, exploring, fairies, fairly oddparents, family, final fantasy, firooz pak, flying, food, foreign films, freedom, friends, fun, futurama, game cube, gay men, gay photography, gay pride, gay sex, go here, god, going on drives, going to the beach, good people, green, hanging out, happiness, harry potter, harvest moon, homosexuality, honesty, hyperness, imagination, independent films, kill bill, kissing, knowlage, laughing, life, light, listening, living, love, loving, magic mountain, male models, malls, maroon5, me, men, money, mother nature, movies, mp3s, mumbling, music, ocean, other cultres, out law star, peace, peanut butter, people, photography, piano, queer eye, rain, randomness, reading, red dwarf, remove some, resident evil, rocky horror picture show, rollercosters, rolling down hills, rpg, rpgs, ryan reynolds, sci-fi, sillyness, silver, sleeping, smoking, south park, star trek, strawberries, swimming, talking, tecno, teen titans, theater, thoughts, time, traveling, unity, video games, water, white, wild life, writting, x-men, yossi and jagger, zombie bunnies